Kris along with master drummer, Hal Smith, use this trio to explore the wide variety in early jazz styles by inviting a rotating roster of guests to play the third chair. The trio most often functions as a bass-less trio, using a lead horn instead. This format was most famously used by the Jelly Roll Morton Trio and the Benny Goodman Trio. It has also recorded with bassists for a two volume CD project to record “New Orleans Style” ragtime. Guests have included: Evan Christopher, Tim Laughlin, Jon-Erik Kellso, James Evans, Andy Schumm, Cassidy Holden, Joshua Gouzy, and Jonathan Doyle. This band can be heard on the festival circuit as well as most Sundays at The Bombay Club in New Orleans. You can also see the CD section of this website for studio recordings.

Forty & Tight

Someday, Sweetheart
Unusual in its choice of repertoire and instrumentation, this quartet is lead by Kris Tokarski and guitarist, Nahum Zdybel. The band is filled out by Matt Rhody on violin and Tom Saunders on bass saxophone. The inspiration for this band is the brilliant recordings made by Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang (The Blue Four). The group’s repertoire is comprised of both original arrangements and adaptations of 1920s and 30s style pop tunes and virtuoso violin/guitar pieces. This band can be heard monthly at The Bombay Club in New Orleans.

Doin' Things

Poor Papa

Riverside Jazz Collective is a full New Orleans style band. It was the brainchild of co-leaders Kris Tokarski, Benny Amon, and Alex Belhaj who’s objective was to form a group of young liked-minded musicians with a deep love of early New Orleans jazz. The band often partners with elder musicians in the city. Its repertoire is decidedly New Orleans and consists of anything from rags, jazz tunes from the classic recordings of the 20s, pop tunes from the 1910s and 20s, and music from the New Orleans jazz revival. This band can be heard monthly at The Bombay Club in New Orleans as well as on their CD release, “Stomp Off, Let’s Go”.

Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man

Riverboat Shuffle