Lessons with Kris

There is a myth that persists that early jazz musicians were uneducated and entirely self-taught. The true story is that nearly all of our musical heroes had their natural talents refined and cultivated early on through guidance from excellent teachers and mentors. Kris offers detailed methods and material on how to approach traditional jazz through bebop, tailored to the student's needs.

“Kris Tokarski was the perfect instructor for my daughter. He exhibited the patience and sense of calm needed to inspire a young mind. His vast knowledge of the history of jazz, along with his demeanor, allowed him to guide my daughter through her lessons which helped her to grow into a mature musician.”

— Oscar-nominated and multi-Grammy winner Terence Blanchard.

"Kris Tokarski is the rare pianist that can not only perform at the highest level but can also describe in detail the elements of Jazz piano improvisation. Students of Kris can expect a tiered practice regimen designed for them to develop new skills and concepts."

— Michael Pellera, Jazz Department Chair, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts

Lessons & Rates

In-person and virtual lessons are available to:

  • amateur and intermediate level pianists who are interested in jazz
  • professionals who would like to learn more about a specific style
  • classical pianists interested in jazz
  • non-pianists interested in jazz improvisation and theory.
  • Kris’ rate for a one hour session is $75, to be paid at least one day in advance of the scheduled lesson.

    If you would like to schedule a lesson or have questions please email: ktokarski89@hotmail.com.